Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder Review 2021

مراجعة Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

A golf laser range finder ensures you have the tricks of the trade-off the pat and success within your grasp. Enthusing vibrating bursts reassure you the laser has locked onto the flagstick so you don’t get the distance to a tree or curved swings. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder Review waves a magic wand with pinpoint accuracy.

This Bushnell Tour V4 tools you up with a posi-thread battery closure; 3V CR2 battery and top-quality carry case. Rainproof, ergonomic design, and jolt technology work like magic. Bushnell has perched over the laser optics market with products defined by a rich seam of features. Without a tiptop range finder, you will end up looking for a needle in a haystack.

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder – 5 Main Features

1. Compact & Lightweight

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT breaks the mold of trimness by shedding 30% of the size outgoing V3. It snugly squares off with your hand or small pocket.

It clocks in at 6 ounces making it super-lightweight and ultra-versatile. A small notch carved along the base of the device allows your thumb to settle in comfortably while the granulated top and bottom surfaces render a firm grip.

One multi-function button mounted atop tweaks everything, including modes and firing up the laser. An inbuilt focus ring readjusts focus and the eyepiece adapts to hug your eye.

Its swathed in a protective silicone casing and premium, heavy-duty case to clip to the backpack for inclement weather.

2. Precise Laser Optical Range-Finding

جولة بوشنل V4 JOLT Golf Laser RangefinderThe V4 boasts proprietary JOLT pin-seeking technology to sniff out a target with unparalleled accuracy. Bushnell JOLT highly sophisticated PinSeeker technology allows you to zero in on the flag double-quick without picking up background objects.

When probing with other laser rangefinders, they may not alert you when you hit the mark. It forces you to think off the cuff and scan surroundings to hit the target incessantly for consistent yardage.

JOLT system has become a much sought-after number-cruncher without guesswork. Bushnell’s evolved pin-seeking power renders minor pulsation or jolt once you lock onto the flag precisely. JOLT technology works without an element of doubt.

3. Ultra-Clear Optics System

The V4’s vivid display projects sharp, crystal-clear, and pristine images with its high-definition optics. A monocular rangefinder’s optical design spells a stroke of luck to win through in the end.

You can pick up the object in a field of view and due to contrast-rich and sharp feedback. The viewfinder with 5x magnification power produces a high-resolution and contrast-rich over the field of view to strike home nailing the flagstick.

The V4 incorporates one slide focus ring on the eyepiece operable with the index finger. It makes adjusting the focus with one finger to shoot targets as quick as a flash. It runs a fine-tooth comb probe capturing 400 yards to the flag.

4. Infrared Energy Pulsation

Like its Tour series siblings, the V4 with PINSEEKER emits undetectable, eye-safe infrared energy pulses. The TOUR V4’s Advanced Digital microprocessor and Application-Specific Integrated Circuit renders instantaneous and high-precision readings always. State-of-the-art digital algorithm instantaneous number-crunching gives the distances by figuring out the time it takes for a pulse to travel from the device, to the target and bounce back. The ranging values of the V4 clock at +/-1 yard or meter for mathematical certainty. It can range out objects located up to 1000 yards. An adjustable (+/- 3 Diopter Adjustment) eyepiece allows you to focus the LCD display in tandem with the image.

5. Straightforward Operability

While keeping your eyes peeled through the eyepiece, lower the POWER/FIRE button once to activate the LCD viewfinder. Place the aiming aperture upon a target at least 5 yards yonder, lower and hold the POWER/FIRE button until the range readings pop up near the base of the in-view display.

Crosshairs bordering the aiming circle show the laser’s transmission. Once it hits a range, you can let loose the button. The reticule surrounding the aiming circle peters out after you release the button. Once triggered off, the LCD remains active and shows the last distance measurement for 10 seconds. You can depress the button again at any time to map out a new target.

Why should you use Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder?

جولة بوشنيل V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder الاستعراضات

1-Mode & Unit of Measure Options

The Tour V4 number-cruncher delivers readings in yards and meters. Press and latch onto the POWER/FIRE button. Release the button to display the units or Slope mode. It illuminates M for meter and Y for yard indicator. The V4 will bounce back to the last unit of measure setting used every time the unit cranks up.

2-PinSeeker™ technology with JOLT™

The V4 integrates JOLT pin-seeking system to easily and quickly zero in on the flagstick without distortion from background objects. It’s not affected by reflectors and renders distance to trees, bankers, and almost all objects on any golf course.

3-Ranging Accuracy

The TOUR V4 works with a ranging accuracy to plus or minus one yard or meter. The optimum range of the device depends on the reflectivity of the target. You can strike highly reflective objects at a maximum range of 1000 yards. It captures a target at any angle with maximum range.

4-High-Definition Optics

Bushnell blazed the trail in optical engineering with a high-speed continuous laser with infrared energy pulses. The digital technology works like a dream to deliver instantaneous and high-precision readings. It estimates distances by figuring out the time it takes for each pulse to travel to the target and backward. You glimpse at sharp, crystal-clear and high-contrast images panning over the field of view.

5-Compact & Super-Lightweight

The TOUR V4 in a space-saving design fits in your hand and in one pocket. It’s crafted in an ergonomic and textured for an improved grip. The V4 has a sturdy silicone casing resistant against high impact while it clips to a bag making portability and storage a breeze.

  • Compact, weightless and ergonomic design for comfortable, single-handed operation
  • JOLT technology homes in flagstick with high precision without picking up background targets
  • Trimmed, lightweight and premium-grade construction
  • Adjustable eyepiece and 5X magnification calculates the distance from 5 to 1000 yards with incredible one-yard accuracy
  • Does not depend on reflectors and computes the distance to trees, bankers or virtually any golfing target
  • Straightforward one-button operation for modes or units of measure options
  • LCD’s illuminated icons and symbols display crystal-clear, sharp, and rich-contrast reticule
  • A multi-coated optical system prevents unnecessary reflections
  • Tweaking between various modes or functions poses a myriad of challenges

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the whole package include for this Bushnell?

It comes with a rangefinder, battery and carrying case.

  1. How do you spruce up dust or debris from the lenses?

Use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to wipe down in a circular movement.

  1. Does anyone know the exact dimensions for this product?

Size: 4.1” x 3.1” x 1.6”; 5.6 oz.

  1. Does it include Slope Edition for angle compensation?

Yes, it’s available only on series 201661 (Tour V4™ Slope +/-™).

  1. What’s the feat of JOLT technology?

JOLT offers a vibration signal detectable when the PINSEEKER technology latches onto the flag and distance displayed in the LCD.

Final Verdict

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder Review expounds on why a laser device will have the odds stacked in your favor. The manufacturer gave it the facelift for compact size and lightweight profile to take your experience a notch up higher. But its claim to fame stems from the proprietary JOLT pin-seeking technology with short vibration bursts to ascertain the laser has latched onto the flag.  A button atop runs everything in one fell swoop making operations a breeze. It accurately ranges from 5 to 1000 yards without reflective surfaces. 5x magnification and a fast focus transmit crystal-clear, distinct and sharp images. Bushnell takes your golfing arsenal to the next level to paint high-resolution, ultra-clear and distinct LCD images.

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