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How to Use a Golf Rangefinder - Golfers Confessions

Have you just purchased a golf rangefinder and you seek information on how to make use of it? If yes, then here is the right site to visit. This article promises to explicitly explain ‘how to use a golf rangefinder?’

Golf is undoubtedly one of the famous games in the world. It’s a game that requires a lot of commitments and interests. This is a game that players have to be prepared before they launch out to play in tournaments.

Of course, one of the indispensable pieces of equipment that every player has to master is the golf rangefinders, why? Rangefinders have helped golfers in determining the distance to the pin. Players that are familiar to the readings already know how to give each strike the best shot. Although it’s a great weapon, yet the purchase of the best is very compulsory. See, a player who has used a rangefinder is not an issue in this case. In fact, owning one is out of the track.

In this game that the use of rangefinder has become a norm, it’s expected that all dedicated players who are zealous to be the best to gun for the best-recommended equipment.

The basic truth is that there are a lot of rangefinders out there but the recommendable ones are the golf rangefinders, especially for golfers. So, what differentiates golf rangefinders from all other kinds of rangefinders? The answer is simple! A golf rangefinder is of two types. The first is the laser rangefinders and the second is the GPS rangefinders.

The laser rangefinders utilize electromagnetic waves to locate a target. The major difference in golf laser rangefinders from their counterparts is that they utilize pin-seek technology while others don’t. They find flagsticks and buzz immediately the focus is steady to the target. However, GPS rangefinders are fast and accurate. They utilize satellite feed and the pre-loaded course map with targets to determine the distance from a target to the spot the user is located.

This article will be explaining the perfect way you can make use of the two types of golf rangefinders.

8 Things to Consider about How to Use a Golf Rangefinder?

Purchase the Right Product

This is one of the essential stages that have to be discreetly handled. You have to be aware that it’s not all rangefinders that are acceptable in tournaments. Therefore, it’s expected that you ask around so that you’ll know the best product that’s good for you. Laser or GPS? GPS is faster than laser rangefinder when it comes to the quick discovery of targets even though both types of equipment are easy to make use of.

So, if you’re gunning for any of these, ensure that you cumulate your reasons before you launch out for the best, why? This is because there are golf rangefinders that have multiple functions. So, you have to decide whether you need a product that’s solely for playing golf or that can be used for other functions.

GPS rangefinders, on the other hand, you are to find out if the brand that you’re about using can be used for the course in your local clubs. This would help you to escape making mistakes.

Read the Manual

It’s expedient you read the manual before you begin to use it. Of course, you’ve read a lot about the product both online and offline. In spite of that, you are expected to read the manual. These would expose you to the modes and functions that the product has.

It would also guide you on the best way to make use of them. At times, the manual may not be readable. However, you can still search for information on how to make the best use of the product online. You can even ask your foursome colleagues that have the same product how it can flawlessly be used.

How to Use GPS Rangefinders

  • Pre-load the targets and the course map of your local club on your mobile phone.
  • Switch on the GPS rangefinder immediately you get to the course.
  • Then, wait for the GPS to be found by the satellite feed.
  • Opt for the target hole by aiming at it via dragging the super-imposed circle to the pin.
  • Once it’s on the target, press the power button to get the value of the total distance from the spot that you are to the location of the target.
  • Please note that this rangefinder only determines the straight-line distance.

How to Use Laser Rangefinders

  • This utilizes pin-seek technology, so you’ll begin by switching on the power of the rangefinder.
  • Orient the viewfinder to your face for apt visibility of the LED display.
  • Opt for the straight-line distance mode and choose your unit.
  • Find the flagstick by making use of the optical aperture of the rangefinder.
  • Check out if the manual instructs that you should press down the power button until you find your intended target. If so, then do this while you’re navigating for a flagstick.
  • Release the power button so as to trap the reflection of the target.
  • The rangefinder would vibrate once the target is trapped and the value of the total distance would pop up on the screen with the built-in unit.

Practice with the Rangefinder

The fastest way to learn how to make use of a rangefinder is using it for practice. The intriguing part of the game is that if you don’t practice, you can’t learn the techniques of a constant winner.

You can practice in your room. In fact, from your room, you can proceed to the field in your backyard. Then it goes on like that. Using the rangefinders from small spaces to large spaces would tell you better your capability.

Not only would it help to build your instinct on measuring distance, but it would help you to know the condition the atmosphere can be that it’d go so bad and so good. This would definitely open you wide to the capability of your rangefinder and your capability at every point in time.

Utilize the ‘3-Times’ Principle

This principle works for anyone irrespective of his years of experience. This helps golfers to be sure of the value that is displayed on the screen. However, a player that uses a GPS rangefinder can neglect this but not one that uses a laser rangefinder, why? Because the change in atmospheric condition can cause slight changes in the true value of the total distance provided on the screen.

Consistent Cleaning

The lenses of the laser rangefinder have to be clean always. This is because that’s the eye that all light passes through and they are collected by the photodiode. Apart from lenses, the other part of the rangefinder must be cleaned also. This would help to prevent the penetration of dirt into your eyes and you’ll be safe from infections that can be caused by germs.


This is one of the critical points where a lot of users miss the point. Quite a lot of persons have discharged their rangefinder because they think it’s out of function. In fact, many believe other persons’ testimonies.

However, we enjoin you to always contact the manufacturer if in case you find any shortcoming in the use of the product or service that you’re using. They are in the best position to tell you how to go about the repair or re-sets.

Final Verdict

This list of steps is how to use a golf rangefinder with ease. Utilizing these systems would make you use the golf rangefinder for a long period of time. Of course, the writer went ahead to enumerate diverse of ways one can effectively take good care of your detecting device. He explained the types of golf rangefinders and how to use each and every one of them successfully. This is a recommendable article for all golf rangefinder users.

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