Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder Review

Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder ReviewThe advanced COOLSHOT 20 works like mad to overplay projectile trajectories with space-saving and lightweight bodywork. Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder Review perfectly fuses speed, precision with optical acuity to churn out bright, clear images.

It’s engineered to bring every flagpole pin within the realms of possibility. Nikon is off the charts in optics pushing the laser envelope to sharpen golf club distance acumen on the driving range and swing skills.

As the most weightless and space-saving golf rangefinder, the COOLSHOT 20 hit the stores setting the world of little tools on fire.

The golf laser instrument pierces what lies beneath or yonder beside the flagstick. COOL SHOT 20 pushes back the boundaries of distance mapping throwing light with clarity and pinpoint accuracy.

Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder – 5 Major Features

1. Fine-Tuning Accuracy

Christened as the runt of the litter, the Nikon COOLSHOT 20 rangefinder steals the limelight with continuous data tracking down multiple targets in a split-second.

The First Target Priority Mode gives the distance reading of the targeted object in close proximity amongst a set of bodies. It processes foolproof data when homing in a flagstick clouded by a clump of trees.

It delivers increased precision with a measurement range in the region of 6 to 650 yards with +/- 1 increment. Premium-grade 6x resolution power with multilayered coating keeps your eyes peeled on any target up to 550 yards. Feast on clearly and sharply defined images with emblematic 6-power monocular lens staple in Nikon optics.

2. Premium Construction

The ergonomic, lightweight and compact design of the COOLSHOT 20 come flagpole attributes for more comfortable portability in a pocket or looped to your belt. 3.6” x 2.9”x 1.5” and weighing merely 125 grams, the shrinking knife left is dwarfed by the previous Nikon COOLSHOTs.

The compact shape allows trouble-free maneuverability and trimmed shape fits in your jacket and pants pockets without diving into your bag now and then. Weatherproof materials brave the elements during inclement weather.

Having extensive temperature tolerance and rainproof walls means an up and running rangefinder in unstable weather. Advanced technologies generate accurate data in rainy, drizzling or winter days.

3. 8-Second Nonstop Scanning

The 8-seconds continuous scanning at the press of a button sets the rangefinder to compute measurements of multiple or faint objects.

The fine-tooth comb ranging reveals exact distances to pins, trees, or background objects. Force down the Power button and the unit will range for eight seconds at a stretch. It’s easy to duck soup computing measurements of multiple and extremely small or moving objects within sight.

It displays distances to hills, golf carts, trees, lakes, bunkers, and the flagstick. It crunches the numbers without satellites and reflectors displaying the distance to any target. Use COOLSHOT to map out points like the flagstick to predetermine the appropriate approach on every hole.

4. Ease of Use

The space-saving, compressed profile enhances the comfort in operability while it’s straightforward to squirrel away in a pocket or attach to your belt.

To set the wheels in motion, hit the press-button to display the accurate yardage to a target. Point the rangefinder toward the target and force down the rear button that switches on the unit and it projects the mark for accurate hits.

The improved rangefinder pinpoints the most proximate target in a field of view during a sweep operation for the flagstick. It remains stable when handheld making it a piece of cake to acquire the bull’s eye.

5. Up to Snuff Golfing

The COOLSHOT 20 measures and calculates the distance to the flagstick with magnified optical viewing. The rangefinder comes in an ergonomically shaped hand interface where the users settle in the thumb and forefinger. A dogleg corner means you can’t do the math off your chest.

Figure out the distance to a tree in front of the corner then the location of the woods to get the spacing to the middle of the fairway.

If a bunker and pond conceal the grassy field, work out the distance to the end of the lush and the spacing to the hazard to make sharp shots. For approach shots, the COOLSHOT will crunch the numbers for the flagstick or other points.      

Why should you use Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder?

1. Unprecedented Size

The little Nikon packs a hard-hitting punch in the smallest package. The nifty monocular design fits snugly in any pocket or backpack making it a companion for every shot. At merely 4.4 ounces, the COOLSHOT 20 feels weightless at any angle in the palm of your hands.

2. 8-Second Nonstop Scanning

The rangefinder will range out at a stretch for eight seconds at the press of the Power button. It provides a mine of information on distances of multiple, faded or trimmed objects. It allows you to identify the distances to trees, mounds, hazards or pins in a split-second.

3. 1st Target Priority Mode

With the First Target Priority Mode, the COOLSHOT 20 will reveal distance readings of the most proximate items buried in a cluster of objects.

It helps sift out the flagstick veiled by a clump of trees. It overlooks background objects like trees to give the most accurate distance to the mark.

4. Weather-Resistant

COOL SHOT 20 draped in weatherproof materials takes on inclement weather hammer and tongs. The little tool still splutters to life as it drizzles or frosts in the golf course. No matter the temperature changes, it works like clockwork during unstable weather conditions.

5. Versatility & Convenience

The COOLSHOT 20 rangefinder can locate any object within sight with pinpoint accuracy. It maps out hills, golf carts, trees, doglegs, and the prime target flagstick.

Unlike a vast majority of the competition, the runty Nikon homes in the distance to the desired object without satellites or reflectors.

  • Measures from 6 to 550 yards with scalpel-like accuracy
  • First target priority mode hives off the prime target from a cluster of objects
  • Measures overlapping subjects displaying the distance of the closest object such as a flagstick on a lush with woods in the background
  • A one-off press of the Power button runs an 8-second continuous ranging without destabilizing due to hand movement
  • Superior quality 6x optics with multilayer coatings for crystal-clear images
  • Dioptre adjustment function
  • The display puts on show distance, yards or meters, target mark, laser irradiation, and battery status
  • Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Continuous readings without screeching to a standstill may make it harder to lock in pin measurements

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it include a protective case?

Yes, the package has a sturdy nylon case with an adjustable loop on the rear.

  1. Does it pack ergonomic and user-friendly features?

Yes, it’s lightweight for maneuverability.

  1. Does it outshine RFs designed for pins with reflectors?

Yes, it uses laser irradiation technology.

  1. Does it display battery status on the screen?

Yes, it’s shown on time.

  1. How do you interchange yards to meters?

Press the Power button then force down the mode button for two seconds.

Final Verdict

Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder Review gives the kiss of death to guesswork and plucking distances out of the air. It includes two batteries with a long shelf to keep them fresh for long. It’s the lightest and most space saving as it fits easily into a slim pocket and golf bag.

First target priority technology lets you cream off the object in close proximity when buried in a cluster of objects at a stretch.

A single push of the Power button turns on 8-second continuous processing to measure multiple targets right off the bat. Nikon COOLSHOT 20 incorporates golfing specs to shoot a basket and takes the game to new heights.

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