Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder Review

A rangefinder gives hunters or golfers the distance data for computing accurate shots to hit the mark with pinpoint precision. Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder Review fleshes out a monocular designed device ranging out up to 1,300 yards.

Its meteoric rise to fame in the market comes from Primary Horizontal Component Distance that generates angle-compensated distance data, compact and lightweight build. Ease of use with a crystal-clear display and the extremely intuitive menu keep everything straightforward.

Ranger 1300 Rangefinder ergonomic packing and hanging around your neck with lanyard combined with the adjustable, nifty clip attached to the body provides the icing on the cake. Fully multi-coated lenses render optimal light transmission and o-rings insulate the unit for waterproof performance.

Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder Review – 5 Major Features

1. Optical Quality

Fully multi-coated lenses enhance optimum light transmission giving hunters or shooters the distance data required for pinpoint accurate shots. Anti-reflective lens coatings offer more brilliant views with an accuracy of +/-3 at 1000 yards.

The rangefinder delivers Range Deer 9-600 yards, maximum angle reading +/- 60 degrees, Linear Field of View of 315ft/1000yds and Angular Field of View at 6 degrees. Ranger 1300 has a magnification power of 6x and 22mm objective lens for superior optical quality.

A Diopter adjusts to create a highly accurate focus for peak performance. It enables gun or bow hunters, golfers and target shooters to strike with military precision without taking a pot shot at objects.

2. Premium Construction

Ranger 1300 comes in a rugged build to endure tough conditions and high-impact. A compact and lightweight profile allow you to easily pack or suspend around your neck making transport a breeze.

The adaptable, utility clip mounted to the bodywork carves out an innovative way to attach the unit to a belt, pouch and other flat-edged surfaces for quick accessibility. Removable clip mounts either right or left of the unit.

O-ring seals inhibit moisture, debris or dust from seeping into the unit for full tilt performance during inclement weather conditions. Textured rubber armor enhances a secure, slippery-proof and ergonomic grip. Compatibility with a tripod adapter allows use on a stand or car window mount.

3. Straightforward Operation

Scan ranging helps you to continuously work out distance as you pan the crosshair forward and backward across targets. It displays an angle-compensated spacing reading to provide bow or rifle shooters the troves of location data for ultra-accurate hits.

The Scan feature displays nonstop distance data when mapping out along a landscape or pan over a moving object. Intelligent and pristine display with highly intuitive menu makes operations like a shot.

It projects readings in yards and meters to accommodate every user’s demands. Three brightness levels keep the display visible in a variety of light conditions. It adjusts focus with eyecup by turning in or out to make the image bright and sharp.

4. Angle-Compensated Distance

The Primary Horizontal Component Distance (HCD) mode of the Ranger 1300 offers an angle-or-slope compensation distance at one push. Archers and rifle shooters stay quick on the draw as it illuminates your hold at harsh angles.

Ranger 1300 processes feedback at all angles and the distance a target presents itself. This unique feature gives shooters a trump card to accurately work out the accurate aiming distance for 45 degrees angle and below for the ballpark figure.

Measured distance and shooting angle help range out a target yonder while compensating for bullet drop. For shooting angles approximated above 45 degrees in the mountains, a quick computation falls short of expectations as the accurate hitting distance fluctuates substantially with every 10+ degrees turn in angle.

5. Line of Sight Mode

Highly developed Line of Sight (LOS) mode discloses actual line of sight scope to crunch long distance or high angle targets with scalpel-like precision.

The Ranger 1300 LOS mode helps rifle shooters tapping slope rectifying ballistic drop data cards, PDA with ballistic systems, and phone apps aiming at locations beyond 500 yards as well as slopes greater than 15 degrees. The range number projected in LOS mode embodies the actual line of sight range without a ballistic tweak for slope.

A vast majority of ballistic systems render independent slope correction for bullet data and need an actual line of sight range input. Using the LOS range when computing bullet wind drifts under steep or long-range conditions will create a higher degree of precision than the HCD mode.

Why should you use Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder?

1. Optical Quality

The Ranger 1300 comes with multi-coated lenses that render optimal light transmission. Water and fog-proof construction keep the system at peak performance in the harshest conditions.

Three brightness settings allow the display to remain visible in a variety of light conditions. It projects data on an illuminated display and ultra-intuitive menu.

2. HCD & LOS Modes

The primary HCD mode ravels out an angle-compensated distance hitting the spot for hunters, archers or shooters. Cutting edge LOS mode gives you the option to work out long-distance, high-angle shots for extreme accuracy. Using the LOS range to work out bullet wind drifts under steep and long-range conditions guarantees an increased level of accuracy than the HCD mode.

3. Scan Mode

The scan feature delivers a continuous range of feedback as you fly over a landscape and narrow down a moving target. In addition to ranging moving targets, it helps range smaller objects on uniform backgrounds in either HCD or LOS modes. You will notice changes in the yardage number with crosshairs flashing across the target object.

4. Tripod and Lanyard

The tripod helps to balance the rangefinder to enhance the ability to zero in small targets in the distance. If you don’t use a tripod, the lanyard offers a secure means to transport your rangefinder. The neck lanyard and retractile utility clip make the unit easy to pack and store.

5. Premium Build

The Ranger 1300 integrates an o-ring seal for waterproof and fog-resistant properties that keep it up and running in the harshest conditions. Granulated rubber armor promotes a firm, slip-proof grip. The compact, ergonomic, and super-lightweight provides a portable profile with the utility clip mountable to a belt, pocket, and flat-edged surface for seamless access.

  • Ranges targets to 1,300 yards by providing accurate distance data for hunting or shooting
  • Primary HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) mode displays an angle-compensated distance data
  • Crystal-clear display with highly intuitive menu making operations a breeze
  • Unique multi-coated lenses render optimal light transmission and the o-ring seal allows waterproof performance
  • Line of Sight (LOS) mode displays an accurate line of sight range
  • Space-saving, ergonomic, and light-weight for trouble-free packing, storage, and portability
  • +/- 3 accuracy at 1000 yards and 6x magnification
  • It only displays range increments in 1 yard but not tenths
  • Only displays incline angle in the LOS mode

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the HCD technology compensate for height fluctuations?

Yes, it compensates for elevation like 500 yards.

  1. Does it work in frigid temperatures?

O-ring seals resist fog and cold beatings.

  1. What’s the color of the display as black gets obliterated in low light?

It’s always vivid in all situations with a red display.

  1. Does it include a free battery?

It runs on a CR2 battery.

  1. Can I toggle off the angle correction feature for golf events?

Yes, it goes off.

Final Verdict

Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder Review dilates the upgraded Ranger 1300 from the 1000 series. The Ranger 1300 replicates the specs defining its big brothers with 6X magnification power, 22 mm objective lens, 17 mm eye relief, and precision to around -/+3 yards at 1,000 yards.

As christened, this Ranger has an upper limit yardage range of 1,300 yards or 650 yards to deer. It boasts superior optical quality from ultra-clear multi-coated lenses and an adjustable diopter for highly accurate focus.

Ranger 1300 draped with a waterproof O-ring sealed seam and rubbed carved out in rugged design provides hermetic defense against weather and condensation. A Vortex optic offers a passport to hunting or shooting success with extremely long ranges and peak performance.

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